Tishrei Nachas Report

Tishrei Nachas Report

A Brief Overview of an Over-the-Top High Holidays At The Shul

Minyamin & Spirituality

  • 25+ Adult Torah Classes
  • 130+ Youth Programs/Davenings
  • 3 Hakafos with over 200 people each
  • Services were sold out and extra seats were added throughout The Shul
  • We had 600 to 800 individuals attend the main Minyan each day over the High Holidays
  • Rabbi Zalman Lispkar’s Minyan had over 150 people for each beautiful service


  • ROSH HASHANAH – over 300 children were in programs and a teen
    minyan of 60 teens were held both days
  • YOM KIPPUR – had a beautiful children’s event on the first night.
    Over 350 children came to program with amazing prizes and fun this year
  • SUKKOS – Sukkah Hop had over 70 homes and 240 kids enjoyed the hop.
    It was so successful that all the houses ran out of cards and food
    due to the large amount of participants.
    We had a beautiful Sukkos party, a bbq for families as well as a teen party with over 100 teenagers from all over the Miami area.
    The Bochurim went around 33154 & Miami in the Sukkah mobile offering people a chance to shake the lulav and esrog.
    At Pubilix Supermarket and Ruth K School a table was set to engage people about the holidays. 100s of kids and adults went on the
    Sukkah mobile and many guests/tourists were reached
    as we parked it outside the hotels so they could eat in a sukkah.The Sephardic Minayn seated


  •  Sukkos Dinner
    We had two amazing Sukkos dinners at The Shul. Rabbi Farkash and the bochurim did a great job entertaining
    and mingling with guests.
    We had over 260 guests each night.
  • Sukkos Party
    We had a fun and full Sukkos Party. Kids had a blast at the Arcade games. The Sukkah was a great place to mingle and enjoy delicious BBQ food
  • Guests
    Hundreds of guests used our large Sukkah for meals and prayers over Sukkos
  • The Shul’s Rabbis hosted hundreds of individuals in the community for meals over
  • At Publix, a Bochur met an individual that said he was Jewish and never shook a Lulav in his lifelifeSukkosComover 250 people

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