Rabbi’s D’var Torah Parshas Toldos


Toldos 5776

The Jewish People, Israel and the World.

It is very obvious and noteworthy that the genesis of the Jewish people, beginning with our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob together with our matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, contains in each of their generations a commitment and promise by G-d Almighty, Creator of the Universe, that the land of Canaan – thereafter to be known as Israel – is the inheritance and the eternal land and home of the Jewish people.

Even before telling them about the impending revelation of the Torah and building of the Temples, the Land ofIsrael was a sin qua non in the equation of the Jewish People.

It was not only a geographic location that any nation needs for full identity, but a place where the Jewish people could and would create a country and visible civilization in the midst of the earth, that would serve as a beacon of light to the rest of the world.

Our Torah teaches that when G-d Almighty directed Abraham to walk the full length and breadth of the entire land that would be his children’s country, he acquired it legally. At that time it was gifted to Abraham by the Creator and Owner of the entire world. In fact, when tracing the lineage of ownership of that part of the world that we refer to Israel today, it did belong to Abraham’s immediate ancestral family having been given to Shem, the oldest of Noah’s sons.

After the Jewish people’s descent to Egypt where they were enslaved for 210 years and the 40 years sojourning in the desert, once they came into Israel led by Joshua there was never a moment in history where there was not a Jew living in the Holy Land and sustaining its claim of ownership on behalf of the Jewish people.

There were times in history when we lived in Israel with pride and power and fulfilled our International purpose, being a light to the world and bringing enlightenment in every single field of endeavor. There were other times when we were banished and persecuted, and when other nations tried to usurp our ownership. It never worked; no one was able to bring life to that land. Without the presence and efforts of the Jewish people, blessed by the unique blessings that G-d gave to them, the land remained a desert only to be transformed to its Garden State when inhabited by its rightful owners.

In our own life time we have seen extraordinary and obvious miracles of G-d as in 1948 we were again given the opportunity to not only live in our land but to govern and project its important role on the world stage as well. The miracles that G-d has shown us in our Holy Land since then have been beyond remarkable and definitely carry the seal and signature of the transcendent, imminent hand of Almighty G-d.

The only way that we have been successful in maintaining our presence in such an obvious and special way is by our bond to G-d, His Torah and to each other as a singular Nation loving each other selflessly and unconditionally.

The most learned and holy Jew and the simplest, seemingly unaffiliated and even rebellious Jew are both equal children of Almighty G-d, and both carry the sign of G-d’s children in their personhood, identity and in the deepest impressions and recess of their psyche and soul.

The Jew that was murdered in the death camps of the Nazis with “SHMA YISROEL” on his lips, died with the same sanctification of G-d’s name for being a Jew as the Jew who was murdered and did not even know what SHMA YISROEL means.

We need to recognize that part of our being chosen as G-d’s Holy People is dynamically integrated with Israelbeing chosen as G-d’s Holy Land.

It is up to us to make it into the place that it is intended to be, by infusing every aspect of its life with a love for The Land, love for each other, love for Torah and love for G-d.

Coming from the Shluchim convention it was so emotionally evident to me how the Shluchim who live in the farthest reaches of the most dangerous locations in the world are bound spiritually to every Jew in the world, and physically as well. Even in their security they work hand in hand with Israel, recognizing that being together as one will bring us the intended success that we look for.

The best and most accepted abstract of the validity of the Jewish ownership of Israel is the Bible. Only by maintaining its authority and validating its truth do we send the message of Israel’s true owners to the world.

Have a great Shabbos and a good week.

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar

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