Rabbi’s Dvar Torah Parshas Yitro


Yitro 5776

This week we read and simultaneously experience the single most cataclysmic event in all of history. Almighty G-d, Supreme Creator of the Universe and all that is in it, and Redeemer of the Jewish people from enslavement to becoming free, appears before the entire community of the Jewish people (approximately 3,000,000+ individuals). He then transmits a code for life that addresses every aspect of living: what one must or may do, what one must not or should not do. These Torah behaviors utilize every single organ of our 248 bodily parts and each one of our arteries and veins (all 365 of them). Every single eventuality of life, from the high summits of achievement and pleasure to the lowest moments of challenge and pain, is included in that “How to live” Manual where we are guided to successfully navigate the vicissitudes of life.

The event of Revelation is continued at the end of next week’s reading, Mishpatim. Here, Jewish leadership accompanies Moses to where he will remain as he enters the heavenly sphere for the next 40 days and 40 nights. This is a very unique moment of communication between Moses and the Jewish people, who were then at the absolute most pristine and achieved moment ever imaginable. They were in the throes of the Revelation, when literally the entire universe had stopped. No sounds, no movement, except the permeating sounds of the Ten Commandments.

It is a moment of great holiness and Moses communicates with the leaders of Israel and with all of the Jewish People and sets their compass to direct them as they embark on their mission to make this world G-d’s beloved private chamber, where He desires to be more than anywhere else. He leaves His celestial heavenly throne and comes down to be with us, His children. He created us to make a loving, respectful home for Him.

Immediately thereafter, the Jewish people are commanded to build a physically beautiful tabernacle/dwelling place for Almighty G-d Himself. “Make for Me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them”, indicating that each of us becomes a sanctuary and together build a singular place that serves to unite us, to bring us closer to the most revealed manifestation of the Master of the Universe, Almighty G-d Himself.

Thank G-d, our community is making this environment a true dwelling place for Almighty G-d. We have seen enormous exponential achievement towards that goal as more and more of our brothers and sisters connect to our Father in Heaven. On Shabbos you can see the multitudes of Jewish families that are enjoying G-d’s day of rest. Our Shul, the pioneering spirit of this extraordinary renaissance of Jewishness, recognizes a number of Synagogue’s created in our environment by original members of this community.

As the community grows, thank G-d our Shul and space have literally become much too small for the many activities. Our children / Youth Programs, Education for Youth and Adults and social events desperately need expanded space. Those that have been to our events know that even with a tent it is inadequate and, of course, Hashem’s house must be the most beautiful. Thank G-d, this coming week we embark on the next stage of our growth, expanding our physical plant to accommodate all of our community in a better way, from youngest to oldest and everyone in between.

Please join us for our 34th annual dinner together with our historic groundbreaking. You specifically, individually, are important to me and to everyone here and your presence will definitely enhance everybody’s presence to make us a singular, beautiful, G-dly community.

Have a great Shabbos, great weekend and looking forward to see you at the dinner,

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar

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